How To Choose A Good Online Bookmaker

There are many factors that affect the outcome of your sports betting efforts, many of which are outside of your control. Among those that are in your control is choosing the bookmaker you place your bets with. And it is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly, as your choice of sportsbook can have a great impact on how well you do. So in this article we will have a look at some of the most important aspects of how to choose a good online bookmaker.

Some consider bookmaking to be a somewhat shady business. And while there have certainly been con men around, the profession of the bookmaker is one of the oldest jobs in the world. People have been placing bets on their favorite games for hundreds of years. Nearly every culture has some form of bookmaking, with some countries considering it to be a highly respectable position.

The bookmaker takes bets and offers probability information on the events so that players can make an informed choice. The expansion of the Internet has made it easy for everyone to find a trustworthy bookmaker, even if they are located in a country that does not support the practice. You need to find the best possible partner if you want to enjoy great returns on your investments.
Looking For Reliability

Since the world of online sports betting exists in a sort of legal gray area, you can`t simply call up the Better Business Bureau and inquire about the reputation of your bookmaker. You will need to do some research on your own.

There are hundreds of websites that claim to review the reliability and security of online bookmakers. Look for large and well-established websites like Sportsbook Review for a useful review. Other websites simply give the highest marks to whichever company pays the most for a promotional spot. Look for high ratings from real customers.

Avoid any bookmaker that has numerous complaints against it for a lack of customer service or a limited betting spread. Reliable bookmakers communicate clearly with their customers to keep everyone happy.
Picking the Best Odds

The exact odds on different sports events do vary between bookmakers. There may only be a tiny percentage difference between two organizations, but this can mean hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket if you pick the right group. Take your time and search around when choosing a bookmaker based on the odds they offer. Look for a company that covers your favorite sports, then directly compare odds on specific matches. Track these numbers for a few days to see which company tends to offer the best odds.
Arbitrage Betting And Bookmakers Don’t Match?

The world of arbitrage betting is confusing, but it offers a major chance for success if you can find bookmakers with drastically different odds. This would be more or less impossible without a really good and reliable arbitrage alert service. Most reputable bookmakers follow the same basic rules for setting the odds, making variations relatively small between two different services. However, some highly contested sports events can lead to a major division.

There is some controversy about what bookmakers really think about arbitrage bettors. In theory they shouldn’t really mind that much, but nevertheless some have experienced that some online bookmakers can close your account if they find out you are using arbitrage techniques. Which bookmakers are considered safe for arbing is discussed in the free course from RebelBetting. To make it look even more “natural” you may want to partner up with a fellow gaming enthusiast to split the difference between two accounts rather than using one name and funding source across many different bookmakers.
Sign-Up Bonuses

Nearly every bookmaker offers some kind of initial bonus for new users. Some companies offer bonuses based on your initial deposit amount, while others pay out a bonus every time you reach a new milestone. Pick the right bonus based on your playing style. High rollers who only play a few times a year should look for upfront bonuses. If you prefer to play the odds every week, milestone bonuses will pay out far better in the long run.

Go with a reliable and reputable bookmaker first, even if a less trustworthy source is offering you a bigger bonus.
Practical and Legal Issues

Before starting an account, you need to look into the practical issues that affect your ability to place a bet. Each company has different rules and limitations on how you can fund your account. Most of the biggest bookmakers accept major credit cards, but some only allow you to fund your account with a Western Union MoneyGram. This requires you to gather your cash and visit a retailer to pick up a MoneyGram in person. For many online bookmakers you will also only be able to withdraw your money by the same method you used to make the deposit.

Furthermore, each company will charge some type of fee for the processing of your transaction. Ask your favorite bookmaker if you can get these fees waived by making a large deposit at one time.

Online betting is not legal in every country, but it is also not completely illegal in most of them either. Many countries only allow you to place bets with bookers that are located outside of the national borders. All of the reliable bookmakers that work with American customers are stationed in countries that have full legal support for the practice. Other countries only allow bookmakers to take bets from citizens from the same location.

Check for nationality restrictions when signing up for an account and before trying to make a deposit to bet on your favorite live football event or other sporting event.